About Us

About Us

The Sage Canyon PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a parent-sponsored and funded organization whose mission is to positively impact, support and enhance the overall learning environment at Sage Canyon. The PTA staffs and supports classroom programs, parent communication projects and community-based programs. Sage Canyon PTA has four basic functions:

• Fundraising and budget allocation
• Sponsorship of school events
• Sponsorship of school programs
• Sponsorship of services and communications

The PTA is a parent organization — we need YOUR participation, ideas and support. If you have any questions, you can submit questions and comments in writing by email or drop your suggestion in the office.

General Meetings

General PTA meetings are held a minimum of four times each school year. Notices of the meetings appear in the PTA website and in the eNews. In addition, reminder signs are posted at school one week prior. See the calendar of events for complete listing of meetings.