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Corporate Fundraisers

Box Tops for Education

Here’s a really easy fundraiser that only takes 2.3 seconds, and EVERYONE can participate, kids included.

All you have to do is collect box tops from participating General Mills products (cereal, Fruit Roll-ups, Yoplait, etc.) Each box top is worth $.10 and every single penny will be donated to Sage Canyon.

Here’s how it works:

• Find a box of a participating General Mills product
• Cut off the “Box Tops for Education” logo and
• Drop them off in the Box Tops collection bin in the front office

You can find Box Tops for Education logos on more than 330 participating General Mills products such as Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Total, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll-Ups, Dunkaroos, Yoplait yogurt multipacks, Yoplait Go-GURT yogurt, Lloyd’s Barbeque Buckets, Hamburger Helper, Betty Crocker potato side dishes, Potato Buds, Suddenly Salad, Bisquick, Baco-s, SuperMoist cake mix, Betty Crocker frosting, Stir ‘n Bake, Betty Crocker Supreme Brownies, and many, many more.

This is a great opportunity for students, parents, and grandparents to come together for the good of our school and our children’s futures. So please, take a few extra seconds before you toss that empty box and clip out the Box Tops for Education logo.

For more information on how to sign up visit Box Tops for Education.