Classroom Programs

Classroom Programs

Classroom Mini Grants

The PTA supports our teachers by the annual giving of mini-grants to supplement their classroom needs and curriculum. The Sage Canyon School PTA emphasizes using funds for materials that support a hands-on approach to involving parents in the process of teaching and learning.

Spirit Wear

Demonstrate school spirit through Sage Canyon Coyote Spirit Wear! Remember, every Friday is School Spirit Day!


The memories created at Sage Canyon last a lifetime and are forever recorded in this special, high-quality book. Children and volunteers work together throughout the year to create this treasure. Pictures are always appreciated!

Study Buddies

Sage Canyon School PTA has partnered with the San Dieguito Alliance to provide high school mentors for a select group of our children that could benefit from that special relationship. Students meet after school one day a week in our library to do homework together and have some fun.

5th-6th Grade Leadership Initiative

This program is designed to give our 5th and 6th graders an opportunity to positively interact with our younger students and school community. Our students apply for jobs and school staff serve as “supervisors” and on the job trainers. Most jobs take place during recess and before school. Some examples include: Library Assistant, Technology Aide and Study Buddy. The PTA is very excited about giving our students an opportunity to experience both the rights AND responsibilities that come with “employment”.